Sao Miguel Vinhos is family owned company based in Alentejo, the land of cork.

Managing 350 hectares of vineyards and producing 3 million bottles per year we export for more than 30 countries worldwide.

We are committed to fun and healthy life style, delivering high quality wines to our customers with very competitive prices.


Segredos-sao-miguel-tinto-SA  2 Segredos White segredos_reserva_2013 Ciconia-Tinto-SC  ciconia-branco-screwcap- atlantico-reserva
 Segredos Red  Segredos White  Segredos Red Reserva  Ciconia Tinto  Ciconia branco  Atlantico Reserva Red
 4 Herdade Pimenta 3 Pimenta Preta <pimenta-grande-escolha monte-dos-amigos-white monte-dos-amigos-tinto-2011_screwcap monte-dos-amigos-rose
 Herdade Pimenta Pimenta Preta Pimenta Grand Escolha Monte dos Amigos White Monte dos Amigos Red Monte dos Amigos Rosé
5Herdade Sao Miguel hde-sao-miguel-trincadeira herdadesaomiguel-escolha-dos-enologos
Hde do Sao Miguel Hde do Sao Miguel Trincadeira Hde do Sao Miguel Escolha dos Enologos