In 1988, a Danish-American couple set out in a sailboat to find a place to start a family, plant a vineyard, and make wine… and thus begins our story of Cortes de Cima Family Vineyards, one of Portugal`s leading wineries. Capturing the abundant Alentejan sunshine in the vineyard, our wines are packed full of rich, concentrated fruit, and balanced by soft, ripe, tannins.

Our philosophy is to make wines that are a pleasure to drink, reflecting the concentrated colour, aroma, and natural fruit flavour of ripe Alentejan grapes. When we use oak, it must be well integrated and always in the background. We seek to achieve a wine which is full bodied, with a fine balance of acidity and long on the palette.

The property spreads over 400 hectares, consisting of 150 ha of vineyards, 50 ha of olives, and 70 ha of forest. We have recently planted an additional 35 ha of white varieties at our new cooler climate coastal vineyards, 3km from the Alentejan Atlantic Ocean.

Our soils are brown Mediterranean clay with deep, limestone subsoil, which provide good drainage. Our vineyards are nestled against the slopes of the 400m Serra do Mendro. We enjoy high sunshine hours with warm, dry summer temperatures, tempered by cool Atlantic breezes.

We opted out of the more restrictive “DOC” in favour of the looser “Regional Alentejano” geographical indication (GI), allowing us more freedom to choose our varieties, as well as our high new-world, trellis system.



Bottle-shot---ChaminÇ-Tinto-2013 Bottle-shot---ChaminÇ-branco-2014 Bottle-shot---Cortes-de-Cima-2011
 Chamine Red Chamine White  Cortes de Cima Red
 Bottle-shot----Cortes-de-Cima-Syrah-2012  Bottle-shot----Cortes-de-Cima-HCA-2011 <cortes-de-cima-reserva-2009-red-wine
Cortes De Cima Syrah   Cortes de Cima Hans Christian Andersen Cortes de Cima Reserva Red