In spring the sublime landscape is covered with vibrant colors of green that turn into a luminous gold once the summer has arrived. Alentejo is home to old grape varieties such as ‘Trincadeira’ or ‘Arangonez’ that are producing extraordinary, full-bodied wines. Their earthy flavors and spicy fragrant accents come from a soil that is rich in magnesium and contains predominantly chalk, clay and sand. The regional culinary specialities are simple bread and vegetable soups, as well as delicious and aromatic stews made with free-range lamb, sheep and pork.

The work of oenologist Luis Duarte here in the vineyard is more than just a passion. The establishment of the estate and the cultivation of the vines (1987), as well as the design of a state-of-the-art wine cellar (built in 2005) are all based on the latest findings in high-end viticulture. ‘Herdade dos Grous’ represents the current pioneering spirit of Portugal’s wine-growing business like no other estate.

31Herdade-dos-Grous-Red 32-Herdade-dos-Grous-WHITE 33Herdade-dos-Grous-Reserva-White
Herdade dos Grous Red Herdade dos Grous White Herdade dos Grous-Reserva White
34Grous-23-Barroces-Red 35Grous-Moon-Harvested-Red  36-Grous-Reserva-Red-copy
Grous 23 Barroces Red Grous Moon Harvested Red  Grous Reserva Red