Malhadinha Nova is a traditional family estate located in Albernoa in the heart of Baixo Alentejo. Since 1998, the family’s passion and commitment have transformed a long-abandoned land into fields that can give life to genuine, high-quality Alentejo produce.

The Malhadinha Nova Winery boasts unique characteristics that are idela for obtaining distinctive wines of the highest quality. It is located only a few metres from the vineyard and takes advantage of the slope of the land so that the whole winemaking process is done by gravity. The grapes arrive in 12kg boxes and are unloaded straight into the modern refrigerated presses.

Here the traditional treading method combines perfectly with technology to make the most of all the potential that nature gave the grapes on the vine. The cellar where the barrels are stored was hewn out of the hillside to a depth of several metres and provides excellent conditions for the wine to age.


25Mte-Da-Peceguina-Red-copy Mte-Da-Peceguina-white-2015__ 27-Mte-Da-Peceguina-rose-copy
         Mte Da Peceguina Red     Mte Da Peceguina White     Mte Da Peceguina rose
malhadinha-branco_2009  29-Aragones-Da-Peceguina-Red-copy  30-Malhadinha-Red
  Malhadinha White Aragones Da Peceguina Red          Malhadinha Red
 Touriga Nacional da Peceguina