Christian Seely and Antonio Agrellos decided in 2005 to construct a new winery at Romaneira,  Douro Valley. Most wineries in the Douro are far from ideal, dating back to their 18th or even 17th century origins. This makes them very picturesque, but not very practical. At Romaneira they were able to dig a large hole in the ground and then build the winery, two thirds underground (aesthetically very pleasing but also very practical for storage of wines in cool stable conditions). Their “lagares” are in stainless steel, which means that as well as all the traditional advantages of foot treading grapes for Port Wine, they also benefit from the technical ability to heat and cool them.Their vatroom consists of stainless steel temperature controlled conical vats, which give them the flexibility they need to be able to express fully the personality of the vineyard of Romaneira.

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Qta Da
 R da Romaneira  Qta Da Romaneira Red Reserva