Ribafreixo Wines


We are an innovative, forward thinking winery with a 114ha vineyard in the heart of Portugal´s Alentejo region. In this competitive universe of wines, we have strong differentiating factors, such as our strategic investment in Portuguese grape varietals, some of them indigenous to the Vidigueira region (e.g. the Antão Vaz varietal). These are wines that express the schist in our terroir, with the grapes highly influenced by the micro climate of Vidigueira, an area whose specific characteristics provide the ideal conditions to produce aromatic white wines that are unique to this region.


2012 Revelation of the year Producer by the Portuguese wine magazine Revista de Vinhos.

2015 Best Wine Tourism of the Alentejo



 Pato Frio Antao Vaz Pato Frio Seleccao Pato Frio Cashmere Rosé
39-Connections-Chenin-Blanc-White-copy  bx_IMG_8063_Pato_Frio_Verde_2014  BARRANCOAs
Connections Chenin Blanc Pato Frio Grand Eschola Barrancoa